Winter 2024 Senior Project Presentation Schedule

Mark your calendar for Winter Quarter Senior Capstone presentations! Scheduled from Thursday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 20, we have 15 incredible presentations. Winter presentations will be in person in Old Main 330 classrooms with a Zoom option. To arrange your virtual attendance at any presentation, please email to request the Zoom link. All times listed are in Pacific Time.

Thursday, March 14

A tan background with several darker lines lazily wiggling from top left to the bottom right. The text reads "Toying with Adapted Toys. Creating a toy for use by occupational therapists. By Joshua King. Advisor: Yasmine Elglaly. 3/14/24 - 9am OM330C. For disability accommodations please email"

Joshua King

Toying with Adapted Toys

9:00 AM in OM 330C

A black poster with a hanging light illuminating a white outline of the human brain on a white table. The text reads “Dangers in the Interrogation Room: Confabulation and False Memories due to Interrogator Pressure and Exposure Effects. Presented by Annika Fiala. Advised by Dr. Ira Hyman. March 14th, 2024. OM 340 at 10:00 AM. For disability accommodations please email

Annika Fiala

Danger in the Interrogation Room

10:00 AM in OM 340

Violet and cyan gradient background with 3D shapes. Text reads "Implementing Impact: A lesson on mySQL Databases and Accessibility. Presented by Abigayle Peterson, Advised by Dr. Yasmine Elglaly. Thursday, March 14th at 1pm at OM 340 and Zoom. For disability accommodations please email".

Abigayle Peterson

Implementing Impact: A lesson on mySQL Databases and Accessibility

1:00 PM in OM 340

Friday, March 15

Pink background with dark blue boxes. In the first dark blue box, white text reads "Snow Algae Population Dynamics on Bagley Lake". The boxes below it say "Presented by Honu Pata. Advised by Dr Robin Kodner. March 15, 2024 at 2:00 pm. Held in Old Main 331. For disability accommodations please reach out to This presentation will also be accessible via zoom link." To the left are a microscope image of 3 small red cells & below it is a graphic of 2 test tubes & a graphic of 2 green cells.

Honu Pata

Snow Algae Population Dynamics on Bagley Lake

2:00 PM in OM 330C

Monday, March 18

A photograph background shows a mudflat at sunset. A tall piece of plastic tubing and a small plastic rectangle stick out from the mud. Text reads "I've got a jar of dirt. Measuring nitrogen concentrations in ocean sediment using diffusive equilibrium thin films. Presented by Zoe Kass. Advised by David Shull. 10:00 AM. 3/18/2024. OM 330C. For disability accommodations please email"

Zoe Kass

I've Got a Jar of Dirt

10:00 AM in OM 330C

A blue border around a brown tree bark image with orange feathers and a brown bird wing in motion. The text reads “Northern Flicker. A poetry book by Fiona Martinez. Advised by EJ Colen. March 18th at 11am, Old Main 330C. For disability accommodations please email

Fiona Martinez

Northern Flicker

11:00 AM in OM 330C

Alt Text: Blue background with a Star of David and flower border, and a Star of David image in the center. The text reads, "The Trauma We Pass Down. An autoethnography exploring my Jewish identity as a granddaughter of a Holocaust survivor in a world with antisemitism. Presented by Portia Carney. Advised by Mark Greenberg. March 18th at 1 pm. OM 330C and Zoom. For disability accommodations please email"

Portia Carney

The Trauma We Pass Down

1:00 PM in OM 330C

Light blue background containing images of children playing, a sun, a tree and flowers in grass. Text reads “Supporting an Ecosystem of Learning. Exploring the intersections of food sovereignty and community care in outdoor early childhood education. Presented by Nico Ryden, Advised by Clayton Pierce. March 18th at 2:00 pm, OM 330C. For disability accommodations please email”.

Nico Ryden

Supporting an Ecosystem of Learning

2:00 PM in OM 330C

bottom right of the poster is a silhouette of a head with a white question mark laid over it. Accents of purple and pink run along the peripheries of the poster. The text reads "Who Are You? Or: the Relationship Between Language and Personality. Presented By: Gwendolyn Cooley. Advised By: Claudia Liu. Where: Old Main 330C. When: March 18th, 3pm". There is a speech bubble near the head that reads "For disability accommodations, please email". An arrow points to the head "this is you!"

Gwendolyn Cooley

Who Are You? The Relationship Between Language and Personality

3:00 PM in OM 330C

Tuesday, March 19

In white letters the poster reads, “Presented by Lance Tulloch, advised by Dr. Judith Pine. When Nostalgia Becomes Present; Or: Student Perspectives on Returning to In-Person Learning.” The time and location are labeled: “March 19th at 11 AM, Old Main 330C.” There is a section near the bottom of the page which reads: “For Disability Accommodations contact:” A Banner at the bottom of the poster reads: “Coming back ain’t all it’s chalked up to be...”

Lance Tulloch

When Nostalgia Becomes Present

11:00 AM in OM 330C

In the top, left corner a podcast cover art image shows rays of sun shining up from dark clouds. It reads “S.A.D. SURVIVAL KIT.” Poster is adorned with icons one would find on a podcast platform page: star-rating, notification bell, type of podcast, add, download, share, play. Text reads: “Kate Lincoln :). Advisor: Kate Darby. 5.0 Self-help. NEW EPISODE: Capstone Project Presentation. How a short podcast series explores a long standing seasonal condition… Mar 19, 2024 3pm OM 330C & Zoom."

Kate Lincoln

S.A.D. Survival Kit

3:00 PM in OM 330C

Teal background with white and dark teal shapes outlining text bubbles. Text reads, “But I’m Not a Victim: confronting PTSD in the aftermath of heterosexual romantic abuse. By Ayla Bilyeu. Advised by Dr. Jennifer E. McCabe. WWU Honors College. Old Main 330 and Zoom. March 19th, 2024. 1:00 pm. For Disability accommodations please email”

Ayla Bilyeu

But I'm Not a Victim: Confronting PTSD in the aftermath of heterosexual romantic abuse

1:00 PM in OM 330C

Seven water-colored birds with a white background and green border. Text reads: "Tuesday, March 19, 2pm, OM 330C. Winged Wonders: My Journey of Observing, Documenting, and Illustrating Costa Rica's Avian Diversity. Clara Magsarili advised by Eli Loomis. For disability accommodations please contact"

Clara Magsarili

Winged Wonders

2:00 PM in OM 330C

Wednesday, March 20

A light green background with a drawing of a person lying face up and using a foam roller on their upper back. Text reads, "This Is How We Roll: A literature-based approach to the benefits of foam rolling. Presented by Adalia Ludwig, Advised by Lorrie Brilla. March 20th at 9:00 am in OM 330C. For disability accommodations, please email".

Adalia Ludwig

This Is How We Roll

9:00 AM in OM 330C

White background with a graphic inlay of a sketched frame with flowers and pillars and vases. A watercolor painting of a woman sitting clothed only in a blanket in a field of sunflowers facing forward with the outline of a skeleton to the left of her, facing away. Text reads: “Villain or Victim: The Legacy of Helen of Troy, a Poetic Interpretation. presented by Anne Lillis advised by Julie Dugger. March 20 at 1 PM OM 330C or Zoom. For disability accommodations please email”

Anne Lillis

Villain or Victim: The Legacy of Helen of Troy, a Poetic Interpretation

1:00 PM in OM 330C