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Six Honors students snorkel in Ecuador.

Honors in Ecuador

Next trip: June 27, 2022 - July 22, 2022

The Honors College offers a global learning course that allows Honors students to explore Ecuador while earning college credits during the summer. It is an exploration of the rich mosaic of the history, politics, literature, culture, and natural history of this nation.

This trip counts towards Honors 105 AND Honors 212 (Geology Colloquium) if led by Dr. Scott Linneman or Honors 213 (Biology Colloquium) if led by Georgianne Connell. Students spend 1 week in Bellingham and 3 weeks in Ecuador.

While abroad, students will travel through the Sierra highlands, Andes mountains, the Amazon rainforest, and the Galapagos. Visits include museums, one of Latin America’s most vibrant traditional markets, rose and cacao plantations, ancient pre-Incan and Incan ruins, and a lesson in salsa dancing  Hike and explore the geology of Ecuador: impressive volcanoes and national parks; camp and snorkel in the one-of-a-kind Galapagos habitat.

Students stand in front of ruins in Greece
Student stands on a rock with the Mediterranean behind her.

Honors in Greece - Application is Open!

Next trip: August 27, 2022 - September 09, 2022

The Honors College also offers a global learning course that takes Honors students to Greece during the summer. Honors 103: Navigating the Human Experience Abroad, is a unique opportunity to visit Athens, Greece with daily excursions to the awe-inspiring historic sites where democracy was born. This trip counts towards the fall quarter course of the first-year sequence, Honors 103. By completing the course, students will jump-start their progress in WWU Honors, build relationships with students and faculty at WWU, and start their undergraduate studies with the enhanced confidence that comes from a study abroad experience.

Students will have the opportunity to visit all the major sites located with Athens, Greece and the surrounding region including: the Acropolis and Agora in Athens, Mycenae in the Argolid, the battlefield where Greek freedom was lost in Boeotia at the hands of Philip of Macedon and his teenage son, Alexander.

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