Graphic of Edens Hall, the seal of the Honors Program with the Honors saying "Societatem Colimus Pro Scientiam Humanitus Enitentes" encompassing it

Societatem Colimus Pro Scientiam Humanitus Enitentes

We cultivate community by striving compassionately for knowledge

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On February 25, 2022, explore firsthand what it means to be an Honors student at Western. Learn more about both the Honors College and the overall Western experience.

Honors at Western

Since its founding in 1962, WWU Honors has functioned as a small college within a larger university, incorporating the best aspects of both. The small, diverse classes promote thought-provoking discussions that will challenge perceptions and foster a strong sense of community within each Honors cohort. With an average class size under 18 students, Honors students have great opportunities to interact with each other and their professors. Honors students come from all over the United States and abroad. They bring a wide range of perspectives, interests, and talents with them, which enhances the quality of everyone’s education. 

Students can pursue any major, have access to fellowship and internship advising, and have the option to live in an Honors residential cluster. From captaining our national championship rowing team to editing our newspaper to organizing our TedX event, Western Honors students are campus leaders. 

Honors is structured in a way that provides a graduated, ongoing experience for students as they engage in increasingly sophisticated work while moving through their Western degree. Students in Honors are eligible for HNRS courses and have the opportunity to undertake extended Honors independent study projects in their major fields. Students who complete all the Honors requirements will receive a minor in Honors Interdisciplinary Studies.

National Recognition

WWU Honors has received recognition as one of the very best in the nation. And, it’s part of Western Washington University, which earns national attention for the overall quality of undergraduate education (U.S. News and World Report, 1998-2021) and top value in public colleges (Kiplinger’s, 2015). Western is also nationally recognized as a leading producer of Student Fulbright Scholars and Peace Corps volunteers, many of whom were WWU Honors Students.