Living in the Honors Community

Photo of the entrance to the historic Edens Hall
Photo of marble plaque outside of Edens Hall. Text reads "Built 1921 T. F. Doan, architect. Renovated 1994 Duarte Bryant architecture"
Edens Hall front desk, mailboxes and stairwell

Edens-Higginson Community

As an Honors student, you have the option of living in the Honors Residential Community in Edens Hall and Edens North. Check out these beautiful buildings with the Virtual Tour of Edens.

2023-2024 Housing

If admitted to the Honors College, you will receive a notice to confirm your attendance as well as indicate your housing preference. Selecting the Honors housing cluster checkbox within the Honors Decision Form is all we needed from you on our end to indicate you want Honors Housing. The rest is handled through University Residences (UR) and the regular housing application. 

Students do not need to email Honors to request themed housing. Themed housing requests are handled through the Honors Decision Form.

Housing Questions

All housing questions should be directed to University Residences. You can call 360-650-6565 or email

To stay up to date on Housing deadlines, make sure to check out the WWU Housing Timeline.

Honors is not in charge of placing students. Please refer to the Western Washington University Housing FAQs page or contact University Residences.

Living with other Honors students in this community on campus:

  • Fosters a strong sense of community.
  • Provides a network of peers who have shared experiences both in the hall and in the classroom.
  • Connects students with leadership opportunities both in the hall council and on the floor.

Edens Hall (EH) consists of four floors and is home to 158 residents. This building offers double and triple rooms entered from interior hallways. EH is suite-style which means each bathroom connects two (same gender) rooms together. Edens has an elevator and wheelchair accessible.

Edens North (EN) consists of four floors and is home to 117 residents. This building offers single, double, and triple rooms entered from interior hallways. EN is hall-style which means residents of the same gender live on the same floor and share a hall bathroom.

The kitchen and laundry for students in both EH and EN are located in Edens North.

How to get into the Honors Residential Community

Steps for New Students

  • Apply to Honors! Admissions decisions are completed on a rolling basis with the majority of decisions shared no later than mid-April.
  • Students interested in Honors housing can apply prior to hearing a final decision on their Honors application. If a student is not admitted to Honors, University Residences (UR) simply goes to the next non-Honors dorm listed on an applicant's dorm list. 
  • After you've been accepted into the Honors College, you will receive a notice to confirm your attendance as well as indicate your housing preference. This is where you can select the Honors Residential Community.
  • Apply for on-campus housing by the New Student Priority Deadline. On your housing application, indicate Edens Hall and/or Edens North as your first/second choices.

Steps for Returning Students

Honors students currently living on campus will receive an email with instructions during the housing renewal period in early February. If you have not received this email, please contact Kate Stevenson at