Winter 2023 Alumni Newsletter

Winter 2023 Senior Capstone Presentations

Mark your calendar for Winter Quarter Senior Capstone presentations! Scheduled from Thursday, March 9 to Thursday, March 16, you won't want to miss these incredible presentations. To arrange attendance at any presentation, please email to request the Zoom link. All times listed are in Pacific Time.

Black, starry night sky over a minimalistic illustration of blue and orange desert dunes with a bright red stylized lighthouse at the center. Text reads “Frank Wins a Staring Contest with the Universe: Poems about the Wrong What-Ifs. Presented by Frank DePalma, Advised by Jane Wong. 14 March 2023 at 10am, Old Main 330C and on Zoom. For disabilty accommodations please contact"
A light blue poster with an illustration of a red boxing glove breaking a strand of DNA. Text reads: “Knocking out Kdm5a – Using CRISPR as a tool for Huntington’s disease research. Presented by Emma Jerome. Advised by Dr. Jeff Cantle. Wednesday, March 15 at 2pm in Old Main 330C and on Zoom. For disability accommodations please email”
Off-white, speckled background with colorful flower illustrations. Text reads "The power of outdoor therapy for women: A presentation for all, showcasing the research and spirit behind using nature as a place of healing. By Drew Baty, Advised by Lindsay Poynter. March 16th, 9:00 a.m., OM 330C or Zoom, for disability accomodations please email".
A black poster with rainbow-colored pixelized cells synchronizing their colors. The text reads "Times are Changing: Investing synchronization of molecular clocks in biological cells through mathematical modeling. Rosie Una. Advised by Dr. Tilmann Glimm. March 15, 2023. 10:00 AM. OM 330C, Zoom option available. For disability accommodations please email"