Kai Broach

Portrait of Kai standing in front of a bookcase wearing a flannel and a beanie.

English - Creative Writing Emphasis Major
Energy Science & Honors Minors

Kai won the Western Regional Honors Council Award for Short Fiction with their piece "My Apologies" which will be published in the 36th edition of Scribendi.

"I'd like to thank Scribendi magazine and the WRHC judges for this honor! "My Apologies" was inspired by a neon hotel sign across the street from my house, and by my bad habit of saying sorry for things that I really shouldn't need an apology. It's written about and for my fellow perfectionists, in the hope that we can all lighten up someday. The wonderfully strange works of Silvina Ocampo and Rivka Galchen also served as inspiration and aspiration. I'm endlessly grateful to all my English and Honors professors at WWU, especially Elizabeth Colen, who helped edit the piece. In their own ways, they have all helped me be less apologetic about putting my writing out in the world. I hope to keep doing so, and to find ways to help others do the same!"