Honors Prologue


Due to the rise in the number of cases of Covid-19, both regionally and nationally, Fall Prologue 2020 (September 18-20) has been canceled.

The Honors Program at Western Washington University invites all First-Year Honors students to participate in the WWU Honors Prologue. This program introduces students to their fellow Honors students, the Honors Program, program faculty, campus, and the Bellingham region.

Why participate in the Honors Prologue?

  • Move-in early to the residence halls
  • Have a chance to meet with Honors faculty during the reception Friday afternoon
  • Get to know fellow Honors students through meals, activities, and hikes around the area
  • Dig into Big History as a context for the Honors First-Year Sequence


Honors Prologue registration costs are TBD. Keep an eye out for program updates sent via email.

For any additional questions about the Honors Prologue, please contact Kiersten Horton at Kiersten.Horton@wwu.edu or (360) 650-3034.