Fall 2023 Senior Project Presentation Schedule

Mark your calendar for Fall Quarter Senior Capstone presentations! Scheduled from Thursday, December 7 to Wednesday, December 13, we have 22 incredible presentations. Fall presentations will be in person in Old Main 330 classrooms with a Zoom option. To arrange your virtual attendance at any presentation, please email Honors@wwu.edu to request the Zoom link. All times listed are in Pacific Time.

Thursday, December 7

The Bickering Sisters

Sean Halstead

The Bickering Sisters: Studying mineral chemistry to interpret magma genesis at the Klah Klahnee (Three Sisters) volcanoes, central Oregon

9:00 AM in OM 330C

Text reads “Joy at the End of the World, a picture book by Faith Giboney, December 7th 12:00 pm Old Main 330C, advised by Sylvia Tag, for disability accommodations please email honors@wwu.edu”. In the center of the poster are four identical, glaring unicorns in the pop art style. Clockwise from the upper left hand corner: a purple unicorn against a pink background, a pink unicorn against a blue background, an orange unicorn against a red background, and a red unicorn against a yellow background.

Faith Giboney

Joy at the End of the World: A picture book

12:00 PM in OM 330C

Title with image of mountains "Recreation: Works that makes a difference". Description: "A presentation about... The history of recreation here at Western, how recreation builds healthy communities, and where a job in this industry could take you". Date & Location: "DECEMBER 7, 2023 4 P.M. OLD MAIN 330C". Presenter & Advisor: "Presented by: Logan Cornwell, Advised by: Kristen Chmielewski". Graphic of waves with the text: “For disability accommodations please email honors@wwu.edu".

Logan Cornwell

Recreation: Work that makes a difference

4:00 PM in OM 330C

Friday, December 8

A poster with a pink, purple, and orange gradient background. In the bottom right corner, there is a cartoon of three women at a work desk sharing a cheery high five. The text reads "Fierce Female Friendships. Maya Bachmeier-Evans. Advised by Professor Thomas Hummel. An artistic representation and exploration of gender-based inclusivity and community in STEM. Friday, December 8. Old Main 330C. 12:00 PM. For Disability Accommodations please email honors.wwu.edu".

Maya Bachmeier-Evans

Fierce Female Friendships

12:00 PM in OM 330C

Monday, December 11

An image of the South Lake Whatcom Fire. Text says: Studying the South Lake Whatcom Fire, A brief soil study and analysis of the damages and future implications of the South Lake Whatcom Fire that occured in August 2023. Presented by Lillian Buck. Advised by Michael Medler. Location Old Main 330C, on December 11, 2023 at 11:00.

Lillian Buck

Studying the South Lake Whatcom Fire

11:00 AM in OM 330C

White background with four multicolored, handwoven ribbons. One of the ribbons has the title woven into it: "Verb Strings and Other Weavings."  Text reads "An exploration of grammatical strucutres, visual arts, and language teaching. Presented by Mae Bash. Advised by Paul Mart. Monday, December 11 at 1:00PM in Old Main 330C. For disability accommodations please email honors@wwu.edu."

Mae Bash

Verb Strings and Other Weavings

1:00 PM in OM 330C

A black and white poster with a chalkboard background. There is an illustration of a sphere with the formula of the volume of a sphere below it. The text reads "breaking barriers and building brilliance: A qualitative project about students’ perspectives of math through insightful interviews, reflective narratives, and a careful analysis of data. Presented by Emily Chappell. Advised by Dr. Suzie Hodges. Monday, December 11th, 2023. 2:00 PM. OM 330A and on Zoom.

Emily Chappell

Breaking Barriers & Building Brilliance

2:00 PM in OM 330A

The center of the poster is an image of the archaeological site Skara Brae; blue sky and grass covered stone walls with a white sandy beach. Other images are from Sutton Hoo. They are black & white; depicting the forward-facing view of a ship imprinted in a hole in the ground with workers in the back. The second image shows a helmet displayed forward facing. Text reads “Archaeological Photography: Skara Brae and Sutton Hoo. By Madeline Scholten, advised by Christine Johnston.

Madeline Scholten

Archaeological Photography: Skara Brae and Sutton Hoo

2:00 PM in OM 330C

Text reads "2020-2023: The Social Impact of COVID-19 in India and Among Asian Indians in the United States. What were some of the social challenges and solutions faced by people in India during the pandemic? A detailed analysis about the effect of loneliness, social media, and religious coping on people in India. Presented by: Dhanya Venkatesh, Advised by: Dr. Alex Czopp. December 11th, 2023, 3:00 PM at Old Main 331. A graphic of a globe with children holding hands. On the right, an image of COVID-19

Dhanya Venkatesh

2020-2023: The Social Impact of COVID-19 in India and Among Asian Indians in the United States

3:00 PM in OM 330A

Value Beyond Borders: Examining the Effects of Global Owners on FDI and Sanctions Intensity.

Maeve Walsh

Value Beyond Borders: Examining the Effects of Global Owners on FDI and Sanctions Intensity.

3:00 PM in OM 330C

Tuesday, December 12

A poster with an orange funnel shape in the background and drawings of people reading books. The text reads “A Look at Languaging: Linguistic Justice in the Hacherl Research & Writing Studio. Presented by Rose Huentelman, advised by Jeremy Cushman. Graphics by Eric-Alain Parker and Veii Rehanne Martinez. Tuesday, December 12. OM 330A and Zoom. 9am. For disability accommodations, please email honors@wwu.edu

Rose Huentelman

A Look at Languaging

9:00 AM in OM 330A

Text reads “Time as a Line: Helping Children Make an Abstract Concept Concrete. By Rachel Stenner and advised by Rebecca Borowski. A look at how time, an abstract idea, is taught to young children who are just starting to learn what measurement is, as well as a discussion as to how teachers can better teach time as a more concrete topic.” Under that is a clock, set to 12:15, with different shapes such as squares, triangles, circles, around each number. “Tuesday December 12, at 9:00AM, in Old Main 330C

Rachel Stenner

Time as a Line: Helping children make an abstract concept concrete

9:00 AM in OM 330C

A green poster that is darker on the border and lighter towards the center. An image of a pixelated campfire is in the center with an orange circle around it. Images of pixelated trees, shrubs and a tent surround the campfire. Text reads "By the Campfire. how representation in video games can be improved. Presented by Hunter Smith. Advised by Dr. Melissa Osborne. December 12th, 1:00pm. OM 330A and Zoom. For disability accommodations please email honors@wwu.edu”

Hunter Smith

By the Campfire: How representation in video games can be improved

1:00 PM in OM 330A

Green poster advertising presentation entitled It’s all Gaeilge to me: Irish Gaelic language planning, education, and linguistic identity. By Margo Digiacinto, advised by Niall Ó Murchú. December 12, 2023 1 pm Old Main 330C. Poster includes graphics of vines, waves, people talking and fist holding a scale. For Disability Accommodation please email honors@wwu.edu.

Margo Digiacinto

It's all Gaeilge to me!

1:00 PM in OM 330C

 Open configuration options Drone image background containing a frame with the blurred drone image with the title, name of presenter, advisor, and a graphic of mountains. The text reads "Wild Buildings in the Balkans: Using drones and GIS to identify illegal buildings in Galicica National Park, North Macedonia. Presented by Marko Foster. Advised by Dr. Aquila Flower." Below the frame is a circle frame pointing at a building on the drone image that reads "December 12th at 2 pm, OM 330A."

Marko Foster

Wild Buildings in the Balkans

2:00 PM in 330A

A poster with a background containing a fusion of colors: red, orange, indigo and light blue, blending softly into one another around their edges. The text reads: “Fusion Dance: Exploring Identity and Social Possibilities. A collection of essayettes navigating my partner dance experiences, with a focus on fusion dance. Presented by Katie Taylor. Advised by Dr. Susan Haines. 12 December 2023 at 2pm in Old Main 330C. For disability accommodations please email honors@wwu.edu”.

Katie Taylor

Fusion Dance: Exploring Identity and Social Possibilities

2:00 PM in 330C

A white poster with an image in the center of a woman mountain biking framed by white illustrations of trees, mountains, and a wave. Above the image the text reads, "No Man's Land: Diversify Our Outdoors. Celebrating femininity in outdoor recreation. December 12th, 2023 at 3pm. OM 330C." Below the image the text reads, "Presented by Katrina Doerflinger, Advised by Lindsay Poynter, For disability accommodations please email honors@wwu.edu."

Katrina Doerflinger

No Man's Land: Diversify Our Outdoors

3:00 PM in 330C

Wednesday, December 13

Alt Text: Gray and red gradient background containing a multicolored cartoon protein structure illustration of the latest Spiegel lab modeling of the Factor VIII and Factor XI tenase complex. Text reads “Blood Coagulation Factor IX: Purification, Activation, Crystallization. Presented by : Juliet McGill, Advised by: P. Clint Spiegel. December 13, 2023, 10:00 am, Old Main 330C & Zoom. For disability accommodations please email honors@wwu.edu”.

Juliet McGill

Blood Coagulation Factor IX: Purification, Activation, Crystallization

10:00 AM in OM 330C

Left picture: figure with short dark hair wearing white mask about beige backdrop. Upper right picture: white spiral staircase with a plant, brown flooring, and yellow and blue painted walls in background. Bottom left picture: black and gold chairs in front of a simple black, wooden stage. Red light illuminate three figures dressed in black. Bottom right picture: figure wearing a long white beard and wig. Overlay orange text reads: The Power of Play: Theatre’s Potential for Healing the Wounds of Capitalism.

Danielle Phillips

The Power of Play: Theatre’s Potential for Healing the Wounds of Capitalism

11:00 AM in OM 330C

An illustration of an erupting volcano. Three micron-scale black and white scanning electron microscope (SEM) images of quartz surrounded by reaction rims are aligned at the bottom of the poster. Text reads "Presented by Annabelle Carozza, advised by Kristina Walowski. Cinder Cone Volcano, the reaction rim phenomenon. December 13, 2023 OM330C and zoom 1:00 PM (PST). An analysis of clinopyroxene reaction rims as assimilation chronometers at cinder cone volcano, Lassen National Volcanic Park, California.

Annabelle Carozza

Cinder Cone Volcano: The reaction rim phenomenon

1:00 PM in OM 330C

The Diffusion Illusion

Katie Lane

The Diffusion Illusion

2:00 PM in OM 330C

Image reads in yellow lettering: Wednesday, December 13th, 2023 at 3 pm in Old Main Room 330C. Project is titled, “Development, Line by Line” by Milla Miller and advised by Thomas Hummel and Christie Scollon. Image then reads: An introspective case study examining narrative identity and development though poetry. This is an honors college capstone presentation. For disability accomodations please contact honors@wwu.edu. The background of the image is a group of thin trees.

Milla Miller

Development, Line by Line

3:00 PM in OM 330C