Minor Info

Honors Interdisciplinary Studies Minor (29-38 credits)


WWU Honors allows students to combine the best of a private liberal arts college experience (small classes, interaction with professors and other students, and the opportunity to work on research and creative activities with faculty) with the advantages of a much larger public institution, including a wide variety of majors, outstanding academic facilities, and numerous extra-curricular options. 

WWU Honors is structured in a way that provides a graduated, ongoing experience for students as they engage in increasingly sophisticated work while moving through their Western degree. Students in Honors are eligible for HNRS courses and have the opportunity to undertake extended Honors independent study projects in their major fields.  

Course requirements: Students are required to take HNRS 101, the First-Year Sequence, (2) Colloquia, (2) Upper-division Seminars, and complete a Senior Capstone Project.

Priority Registration: Honors students may request priority registration for any 3 quarters during their tenure at WWU (exclusive of their first quarter). Requests for priority registration will be prompted by the Honors staff prior to Phase 1 registration for the upcoming quarter.  

How to Declare (Admission and Declaration Process) 

Students apply to WWU Honors through a supplemental application accessed from the Honors website. Transfer students or students already enrolled in the university may apply on the basis of academic record, a writing sample, and personal essay.

Declaration Process 

  1. Complete the Student Academic Declaration & Change Form
  2. Complete SECTION I: Student Information.
  3. Email To: Enter the WWU email address of the department (honors@wwu.edu). Then select "Submit". 
  4. You will immediately receive an automated confirmation to your WWU email account. 
  5. Contact WWU Honors if you have further questions.

Grade Requirements 

A grade of C- or better is required for a student's major or minor courses and supporting courses for majors and minors.