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Our students come from all over the United States, each with a unique background. The WWU Honors College is a collective of outstanding individuals who aim to make a difference in the many facets of their communities.

Silvia Leija - Mentor Lead

Major: Public Relations

Minor: Education and Social Justice and Honors

Portrait of Zoe smiling with her curly hair framing her face. She is wearing a blue shirt and a necklace.

Zoe Pais

Major: Political Science

Minor: Spanish, Law Diversity and Justice

Fun fact: I love swimming – I played water polo for 6 years.

Zoe Pais is a political science major with minors in Spanish and law, diversity and justice. She is part of several on-campus clubs including Black Student Union (BSU), Mixed Identity Student Organization (MISO) and Honors Students of Color (HSOC). When Zoe is not busy with school or clubs, she likes to go on walks, swimming, and weightlifting!

Portrait of Jay smiling and sitting on a bench. They are wearing a white long sleeved shirt with a rainbow stripe on the sleeves.

Jayden Robles

Major: Sociology and Humanities: History of Culture

Minor: Honors

Fun fact: I did dance for 12 years – competitively for 6.

Jay Robles is a queer, trans, multiracial indigenous person, scholar, and activist. This is their second year at Western and he's studying Sociology and the History of Culture. Jay is enthusiastic about taking an interdisciplinary approach to social issues, which is what brought him to the Honors program. They hope to go on to law school after he graduates and they plan to spend their life working in anti-racism, disability rights, and LGBTQ+ intersectional advocacy and mutual aid. In his free time, Jay enjoys reading manga, going to the farmer's market, and walking and talking through the Fairhaven district

Portrait of Chiyo smiling and standing in a tulip field

Chiyo Aoki-Kramer

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Minor: Psychology and Honors

Fun fact: I love to travel and I got to go to Greece through the Honors Program the summer before my first year.

Chiyo is a 3-year behavioral neuroscience major and minoring in psychology and the honors interdisciplinary minor. She is a part of a number of different clubs like a capella club, MISO, and NeRDS. She also works as a tour guide here at Western so she knows a lot of quirky fun facts about our school!

Portrait of Simone smiling in front of a lush, green background. Her curly hair frames her face and she is wearing a pink tanktop

Simone Player

Major: Behavioral Neuroscience

Minor: Honors

Fun fact: I love to whistle!

Simone is going into her second year at WWU with a plan to major in Behavioral Neuroscience and minor in Honors. This past year, she lived in Edens Hall and took part in HSOC (Honors Students of Color), NeRDS (Neuroscience Research Driven Students), and Psychedelic Club. She loves reading, crocheting, hammocking, and being outside, and she can't wait to meet new people on campus this year!

Portrait of Olivia smiling with her chin resting on her hand. She's wearing a blue jacket and is sitting on cement steps

Olivia Dong

Major: Biology

Minor: Anthropology and Honors

Fun fact: I danced ballet for 15 years!

Olivia is a junior and is majoring in biology with the plan to pursue a career in research. This year she is the president of the Honors Students of Color Board (HSOC), and she has previously been involved in WWU Swing Kids, Salsa and Bachata Club, and Chronic Illness Awareness Club. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, painting, and crocheting, and she loves to unwind with movies and Youtube videos. During school, you'll likely find her studying in the library, her favorite place to get in the zone on campus!

Kailey Droz

Major: Fairhaven Interdisciplinary Study: Expressive Communications

Minor: Honors

Fun fact: I absolutely adore cats and I am a tea enthusiast!

Kailey is a senior at Western studying at Fairhaven. Her Interdisciplinary Studies Concentration is titled Expressive Communication, which focuses on human interaction, communication, social psychology, and humanities. She is involved in CCF, Salsa and Bachata club, and Dead Parrots Society. Kailey also enjoys reading and writing poetry, making food, playing all sorts of percussion instruments, and going to the Cat Café.

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