Honors Capstone

An Honors Capstone Senior Project is necessary for graduation if a student plans to complete the Honors requirements. This is concentrated work in a student's major field (or another field). It is not unusual for a student to be engaged in Senior Project work before their final year. We call it a project and not a thesis because our capstone can be so much more than a research paper. In the past, students have taken unique and creative approaches to complete this final requirement of WWU Honors. We've had students write novellas, plays, compose music, create podcast series, art galleries, in addition to original research.

Capstone Project Preparation (HNRS 390)

The purpose of this optional 1-credit course is to aid Honors students in the steps required to design and execute the project that is the final step in completing their Honors coursework. This course will promote an Honors community of scholars. By the end of the term, students will have thoroughly gone through the preparatory process described below.

Senior Project (HNRS 490)

Students register for HNRS 490 (2-4 cr, repeatable to 8 cr) over 1-3 quarters to complete their capstone. Replacement of HNRS 490 with departmental research credits is possible but requires approval by Honors.

Capstone Requirements

  • Guidelines for Honors Senior Projects (read this first)
  • Guidelines for Advisors of Honors Senior Projects (provide this to your advisor/mentor/supervisor)
  • Complete the Honors Senior Capstone Project webform as soon as practically possible. Details must include:
    • Your name and disciplinary advisor’s name
    • When and how many credits you plan to take for the project (HNRS 490 or departmental research credits or both)
    • Project description
    • Your plan for presentation and final product: approximately when and in what form
    • Attach your abstract to the webform
    • Follow the routing instructions and send to your advisor
Julie holding a piece of cake and giving a thumbs up

Capstone Coordinator: Julie Dugger, Ph.D.

Email: julie.dugger@wwu.edu
Phone: 360-650-4989

Julie Dugger (she/her) grew up in 5 different towns in Washington State. She earned a B.A. from Reed College and a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and since then she’s taught literature, interdisciplinary humanities, and academic, professional, and creative writing. As a scholar, she’s interested in popular literature from the 18th century to the present, with emphases in British and Irish literature, historiographical theory, genre fiction, fiction writing, the history of publishing, and political and utopian literature. Her work has appeared in MythloreThe Journal of Popular Romance Studies, and Victorian Studies, and her favorite things include a good pastry, her rose bushes, and her bicycle commute. At WWU Honors she helps coordinate Senior Projects: come and talk to her about your ideas and your logistics!