Arna Elezović, Ph.D.

Selfie of Dr. Elezovic outdoors with sunglasses




Dr. Arna Elezović (she/her) is a historian, writer, and visiting assistant professor at Western Washington University for the History Department and the Honors Program. Arna’s Ph.D. is from the University of Washington, where she taught introductory and intermediate writing seminars for the UW's Interdisciplinary Writing Program (2018 - 2021) and a comparative history course on rediscovering the ancient Mediterranean world (summers 2017, 2019, 2021). Her research focused on how the ancient past was constructed for western Europe by ethnographic travelogues and journalism in the 19th century. She is presently exploring the creation of narratives, identities, and time using historical texts. Prior to earning the Ph.D., she was a regulatory compliance analyst and technical writer in human subjects’ biomedical research. Her lifelong (and incurable) habit of writing genre fiction into the wee hours of the night is generously tolerated by friends and family. Her languages are English, French, and Croatian.